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Marianne Mills

Associate Trainer Specialisms: Level 3 AET and above, CET, Care standards, First Aid, Moving & Handling

David Coomer

Director / Specialist Trainer SENM, Dip HE STAEM, Qualified trainer,coach, instructor, assessor and Internal Verifier. Specialisms: Neuroscience and The Dementias, Adult Safeguarding, Fire Safety, Infection Control, Moving & Handling, First Aid.


Skills. Education. Empathy. Development. Here at SEED Training, we pride ourselves on our ability to train our clients not only in ‘How’ to do something, but also on ‘Why’. Like you, we want your staff to be safe. If your staff are safe, your residents are safe. All our training is person-centred from the outset, by default and design; we reach into the hearts and minds of your staff. We make them laugh. We make them cry. We make them think. We make them LOOK . We give of ourselves, and the cohort gives back. We try to instil in them a positive mindset, and through various media, scenarios, and hands-on, we offer all our trainees an experiential session to help them better understand their role, whether it be as a care worker, nurse, domestic, manager, maintenance staff, laundry workers, kitchen workers or administrative staff. We network extensively with external training organisations and individuals throughout the UK, so if we’re not able to fulfil your requirements, we will almost certainly know someone who can! We prefer our training to be delivered face-to- face, in real-world settings, although e- learning packages are in development, and video conferencing facilities are available. As part of the Social Care Trainers Network , we have access to many years experience and know-how, especially within the care sector, but also beyond. We can also offer the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, and more! Those four words in the tag-line, Skills. Education. Empathy. Development are what we’re all about. Skills , because we know that you need your own staff and residents to be safe, and armed with the correct knowledge and skill sets, they will be. Education because we hate hearing those immortal words “but I’m only a carer!” Whether your staff are carers, domestics, kitchen, laundry, maintenance or auxiliary staff we like to emphasise they even though they are all carers, they’re not ‘ONLY’ anything, they can be pretty much anything that they want to be! We can help you with that. Empathy , because we practice what we preach. It extends beyond the care setting and into the training room. We show by example, by scenario, by discussion, by experience. We don’t just ‘tell’. we’ve all sat in on those boring, dry sessions, so we do feel your pain! Development . The carers of today are the nurses and managers of tomorrow, and we believe that our training offers them a step-up and a great foundation for career development, and we have access to many courses that will help them (and, by default, you) with this. At SEED Training, we offer an extensive range of courses, legislative, mandatory, and developmental. We can provide anything from one-off bespoke courses to a fully tailored induction and annual update refresher training. We work through registered and approved centres, and our courses meet all current professional standards and criteria, and so you can be safe in the knowledge that your training needs are catered to safely, appropriately, and legally. Already have your induction training needs covered? No problem! We can undertake competency observations and assessments against the criteria of the 15 ‘Care Standards’ or offer an annual one day refresher training to keep your staff fully compliant. We can even help you with your recruitment needs through the Social Care Trainers Network.
How it all began…. By wanting to be the best. Ex-psychiatric nurse and Residential Social Worker with children and young families, David began his training career working with disillusioned and disenfranchised 19-24 year- olds on the Governments ‘New Deal’ scheme. From there he worked for eight years as an in-house and Operational trainer, and then as training Manager with several nationally established care companies. Disillusioned with the narrow constraints of corporate training, and frustrated by a heartfelt passion for person-centred care that many care companies appeared to preach but not practice, David established SEED Training to promote and train others in the core principles by which he is driven. He writes, designs and compiles courses to to a range of criteria set by either the client or external agencies. We aim to be the best at what we do, and it all began with a quote taken to heart: “How do you know unless you look? If you don’t look, you hurt people. And that’s not fair. That’s not science. That’s not medicine. It’s stupidity. We can do better. You can literally change people’s brains, and when you do, you change their lives. But if you don’t look, you hurt people, and that’s not fair.” (Dr. Daniel Amen, Psychiatrist & Consultant Neurologist)
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“All that is required for poor care to take precedence is for good carers to turn a blind eye” - David Coomer


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